Review Of BetFred Casino

Betfred Casino Review:

One of the biggest revolutions in betting has been the coming if age of the betting exchange. Of these, Betfair is one of the best known. It promotes the fact that it offers far better odds than any traditional bookmaker, and even goes so far to claim that it provides up to 20% better odds!
It manages this by acting purely as a middleman between customers who want to bet. It makes profit by taking commission from the winners, and does not try to profit by taking a house edge. This has meant that there is a lot of money paid out everyday to Betfair customers.


The Betfair casino has all the usual table games, card games and slot games. There are over 150 different games that you can play using the downloadable software, and there are around 80 games that you can play using your browser.

The zero lounge is the most popular area of the casino. Here several games have no house edge. Instead you are betting against other players in the casino. For example, if you are betting on the red in roulette, you stand a chance of winning money from the person who bet on the black and vice versa. There is no white or 0 for the ball to land onto. This gives you the best odds to gamble that you can get anywhere.

The system of betting does not come without disadvantages though. The betting tends to have a higher minimum stake. You cannot bet 20p because it is usually difficult to find someone who is betting that small amount of money. You also will find that the whole gaming process is slower because bets need to be found and matched up before the game starts. If you can get over these little oddities, then Betfair offers an excellent chance to make money.

Bonuses and Promotions:

Betfair casinos are keen to have new customers, and are providing a significant deposit bonus to anyone who joins. You can get a bonus on your first, second and third deposits, and in total accumulate a large bankroll from which to stake. 
Betfair also runs a VIP club where members enjoy greater benefits for playing, including prizes, cash back and special rewards.

Customer Service and Support:

You can count on Betfair to provide excellent customer service. They endeavour to give you a quick response to any questions or problems should you encounter them.