Get Casino Cashback

You don’t have to be a winner to get cashback bonuses from a casino. In fact, in most cases, it’s a benefit often given to those who lose money. Cashback bonuses online are a great deal like those in live casinos. When you play games, the casino tracks your play. The more money you spend, the more likely you are to get a cashback bonus. While live casinos normally offer a weekly cash bonus, cash given back in the form of points or special cashback offers, normally you’ll get a comp in the form of a meal, room for the night or a gift of nominal value. Online casinos don’t have the option of giving you any of the last three, but most of the online sites do give cash based on how much money you played or how much you lost.

Before you choose an online casino to play, check out the various programs. Some cashback bonuses are better than others. With some, you have to lose a specific amount of money before they offer the bonus. The bonus may be quite lucrative, but only a fraction of the funds you lost. However, it can help you to play longer and maybe even come out a winner.

Other casinos have a cashback program based strictly on the amount of money you played at the site.  You may receive cashback after hitting a specific milestone, such as $1,000. While that might sound like a lot, it doesn’t mean you deposited $1,000, but played that amount in total. If you deposited $100, for instance, played slots, lost $10, won $10, lost $10 and finally won back the $10 you’d be even, but in the process, would have played $20 in the machine. That’s the total amount of money you ran through the machine, win or lose. You may even earn cashback and still have more money than you started. These are the programs that just reward you for playing.

Reading all the rules is important because you may have to request your bonus, while other casinos simply apply the bonus to your cash available. At some casinos, you have to sign up for the bonus before you start playing or the casino doesn’t track your play. That can be quite costly and negate any cashback. Most casinos with poker rooms require you to sign up for the rakeback, which is a percentage of the house rake and a form of cashback for poker players.

The types of games you play also make a difference. At most live casinos, as well as those online, slots often offer the highest cashback, while video poker and blackjack, games with lower house odds, offer the lowest amount. You either don’t get credit for some games or have to play more money at the casino for the credit. At live casinos, slots give you twice as much cashback credit as video poker machines and the same is often true for online casinos.

Cashback offers may be ongoing and part of the overall online casino experience or it may be a onetime special. Check to see how long the cashback offer lasts. The offers may payout once a month, weekly or as soon as you hit a specific amount.

There may also be stipulations on the amount you bet, with some casinos requiring a specific minimum bet before qualifying for cashback. Some casinos require larger wagers for players to qualify. When reading the rules, make sure the size of wager fits with both your bankroll and playing habits. Even though the casino may be offering a great cashback special, playing more than you can afford can quickly run through your bankroll, leaving you with nothing to play later.